SCVNGR Rework // Concept App Redesign

This concept redesign of the location-based game, SCVNGR, was driven by a discovery about social behavior: people post what they want, when they think of it, on the platform they choose. Therefore, it can be challenging to motivate users to travel to specific places, or even to to play when they're already on site.

I teamed up with designer Peter Mutascio to reimagine the SCVNGR experience: What if users could play wherever they already are? This way, players could open the app, select a themed game and play based on their current surroundings. Users could be social when they choose, and content creators (like brands) could builid games without needing to own physical places. Oh, and it's got a super-sexy photo layout to showcase user content.

  • Make SCVNGR more accessible to both players and content creators.

  • We reimagined the SCVNGR design and user experience to allow players to play any game, whenever and wherever they want.

  • First-time users could immediately download have the full game experience, without having to travel. Content creators could build games without physical locations.