Highlight Hunter // Consumer Desktop App

Originally designed for action sports athletes to use with helmet cameras, Highlight Hunter scans footage for moments when the user covers the lens with their hand. It then extracts the clip immediately before the lens was covered. This way, users can quickly save and share the clips they care about, without having to sort through hours of raw footage.

I designed both UX and UI for the app, with a specific focus on simplicity and intuitive first-use experience. Because the lens-covering concept is new to most users, we built a forced tutorial into the app that allows the user to process a sample clip from start to finish in under a minute. This dropped abandonment rates by over 40%

  • Help helmet camera owners find the best moments in their footage easily.

  • We developed a desktop app that detects when a user covers the lens with their hand and automatically extracts a clip.

  • GoPro's own production team uses Highlight Hunter as a key part of their workflow.

  • www.highlighthunter.com