GrooveBoston // Legendary Dance Parties

GrooveBoston creates legendary dance party experiences for the university market. These concert-grade events transport students into the world of a world-class nightclub, without leaving their campus. I worked to establish the brand and experience emphasis at GrooveBoston that guided its transformation from an "all-occasions" DJ company (think weddings and birthday parties) to a market leader in the campus event space.

The pivotal transformation was re-imagining GrooveBoston as a concert tour experience with a very targeted image, and an intense focus on the end-to-end customer experience, from advance marketing through to the show itself.

  • Transform a mobile DJ company into a powerhouse in the campus event space.

  • We completely re-imagined the product as a touring dance club experience.

  • Packed tour calendar and consistent rave reviews from students and administrators.

Event photos by James Coletta