Happiness In Numbers // Coca-Cola

We teamed up with Weiden+Kennedy and Escalate to create a nationwide mobile game for Coca-Cola. Using their smartphones, teens were able to play fun Coke-themed challenges when they visited partner locations like Simon Malls, GameStop and American Idol tour stops. As they played, Teens earned points towards rewards and prizes while sharing activity out to Facebook and Twitter.

Our team worked to inject the game with Coke's "Unlock Happiness" theme and the idea of uncovering secrets, while designing reward structures to motivate players without overshadowing fun. The game generated creative, branded media impressions from teens across the country, as well as great press coverage (AdWeek, Mashable, TechCrunch).

  • Engage teens nationwide with Coca-Cola "Unlock Happiness" theme through fun.

  • We created a massive mobile game experience where teens played fun challenges to earn points and rewards.

  • Tons of great user generated content, press coverage and teens had a blast with Coca-Cola.